Ghograjan Teas Bike Initiative

At its core, the Ghograjan Bike Initiative is about empowering our community. Our estate, like many others in East India, is on a vast parcel of land in a remote region of Upper Assam. Since the roads are largely unpaved in this area, bicycles are the easiest mode of transport. Without one, daily tasks such as going to school, shopping for groceries, gathering drinking water, visiting the health clinic, etc. become more challenging.

We started this Initiative, which donates one bicycle for every ten subscriptions ordered, so that our employees could have the independence that allows them to thrive. For an individual family, this means that mom & dad can go to work each day without sacrificing their children’s ability to go to school. The Ghograjan Bike Initiative is a small, but mighty step towards empowering our community and improving their quality of life. 

This is the first of many initiatives that we, at Ghograjan Teas, plan to champion, because our community is family and when they thrive, we thrive. Let’s all thrive together.

With love,

Yash Choukhany


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