English Breakfast

A blend of whole leaf teas that creates a strong, brisk cup

This traditional blend of whole leaf teas creates a strong, brisk cup. Best enjoyed with the milk of your choice and a little boost of sweetness.

A blend of whole leaf teas that creates a strong, brisk cup

Bring filtered water to a boil. For every 6oz of water, add 1 teaspoon of tea. Let steep for 90 seconds. For stronger tea let steep for 120 seconds. Top it off with milk and sugar if desired.

Brewing Instructions

1 Teaspoon
A heaping teaspoon is the perfect amount to brew a single cup.

212° F
Bring water to a boil (about 208 - 212 F)

8 oz. (250 ml)
Pour water into a medium-sized cup (approx. 8 oz)

3-4 mins
Steep tea for 3 mins, for a stronger brew steep for 4 mins.

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Our Promise


Ensuring that you get the purest and the best quality of tea, is our primary goal. Every single one of our is lab tested for is purity.


We grow, pluck, whither, grind, oxygenate, dry, sort and pack all of your GTE tea on our family estate in Assam.


When you shop direct, you ensure that our hardworking farmers & staff receive a higher percentage of sale proceeds.

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