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Assam Breakfast

237 reviews

The perfect replacement for your morning cup of coffee.

$15.95 USD

Assam Golden Tips

88 reviews

Our premium, second flush tea with a subtle malty flavor

$34.95 USD

Royal Masala Chai

118 reviews

Our family’s special recipe with traditional Indian spices

$31.95 USD

Vintage Earl Grey

148 Reviews

Loose leaf black tea with Bergamot sourced from Italy

$32.95 USD

English Breakfast

227 reviews

A blend of whole leaf teas that creates a strong, brisk cup

$25.95 USD

The Bihu Kit

824 reviews

Named after the biggest festival in our region, the Bihu gives you a taste of everything!

$125.00 USD

The Blends Kit

272 reviews

These teas are expertly blended with specially sourced ingredients from all over the world.

$59.00 USD

The Whole Leaf Kit

315 reviews

These loose leaf teas are made with our premium, second flush leaves.

$57.00 USD

The French Press Kit

464 reviews

These teas and your French Press are the perfect pair.

$51.00 USD

Vintage Brass Infuser

The perfect complement to your brewing ritual.

$37.00 USD

Vintage Brass Strainer

The perfect complement to your brewing ritual.

$44.00 USD

Ghograjan Teas sells farm-to-cup teas directly from the Ghograjan Tea Estate in Assam, India. We currently sell five types of loose leaf tea online. Our shop offers two sizes for each tea. Order tea online using our subscription option to receive your favorite tea at regular intervals with a 10% discount.

We recommend our bundles if you are looking for the best Assam tea online but aren’t sure where to start. Ordering the small size Bihu Kit is the best way to sample each of our teas and discover which one(s) you enjoy the most. The Bihu Kit also comes with a complimentary teaware item: your choice of a brass strainer or infuser.

Whole Leaf Teas - Orthodox Black Tea Leaves To Brew Rich, Malty Tea

Our three whole leaf teas are the Assam Golden Tips, Vintage Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

Assam Golden Tips is an iconic tea from the region and our premier offering. An uplifting tea that will have you feeling golden!

Our Vintage Earl Grey is a blend of our Assam black tea leaves and Bergamot oil that makes a brisk, full-bodied cup with Earl Grey’s unique citrus kick.

English Breakfast tea is one of the most popular teas in the world. Normally a tri-blended tea, our version of English Breakfast tea is single-sourced from Assam.

CTC Teas - Crushed, Granular Black Tea Leaves To Brew Strong and Dark Tea

Assam Breakfast and Royal Masala Chai are among the strongest, most caffeinated teas in the world. The “crush, tear, curl” process involves putting tea leaves through our crushing machines as the first step of production to effectively granulate the tea leaves. 

Assam Breakfast tea is frequently our best-selling. As a regional specialty, it stays true to Assam’s reputation of producing strong, full-bodied black teas. Assam Breakfast tea is highly recommended as a coffee alternative. Enjoy it black or with milk.

Royal Masala Chai is blended with four organic Indian spices. Our traditional family recipe for our Masala Chai includes organic cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves. As a strong, spiced tea, Royal Masala Chai tea pairs especially well with milk and sugar.


Our shop also offers vintage brass teaware handmade by artisans in Moradabad, India. Your trusty, everyday tea accessories are at the core of your daily tea routine. A strainer or infuser is essential to loose leaf brewing. Our artisanal brass teawares are easy to use and clean. Durable tea accessories are integral to our sustainability model. We love how little waste our loose leaf tea creates compared to using commercially packaged tea bags. The tea infuser is the best option if you prefer our whole leaf teas & the tea strainer is the best option if you prefer our CTC teas.