Ghograjan Tea Estate is a community.

In 1935, Budhkaran Choukhany became one of the founding members of the Assam Tea Planters Association, and in 1948, after Indian independence, he established the Ghograjan factory. Since then, his successors have developed the property by hiring the best planters to manage the estate, building a sophisticated modern tea processing facility, investing in R&D, and taking care of the Ghograjan community.
Today, the estate sprawls more than 350 acres of tea under cultivation and employs over 400 people with well laid out infrastructure, including housing, a health center and a primary school. Ghograjan Tea is prevalent in quality conscious markets because of its compliance to ethical and sustainable agricultural practices.
Ghograjan Teas Bicycle Program - the estate is in a very remote part and hence there are no freeways or major roads nearby. This is when THE BICYCLE becomes a RANGE ROVER - the main mode of transportation for the community. Kids use bicycles to go to school, husband’s use bicycles to go work or fetch firewood for cooking & women use bicycles to access the health center/get groceries/ go to work.

We donate 1 bicycle for every 10 subscriptions sold!

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At Ghograjan Teas - we believe in Women Empowerment. 75% of our workforce is women. It’s unheard in India - but the tea industry is one of the only industries where the WOMAN runs the household!

Salute to them!!
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