What Does Tea Mean to the Modern Drinker?

Social media, e-commerce, and increased focus on sustainability are defining elements of the modern tea drinker's experience. Our business is possible because today's technology allows our fresh Assam tea to reach any American customer directly with just a few taps on a screen.

When the customer's order arrives at their home, the modern drinker's experience with the tea begins. The first step is connecting with the brand via social media. The images of where its grown and the people behind it bring the tea’s story to life in a way that reading words on packaging cannot. Drinking delicious tea is even more enjoyable when you can appreciate the vast journey it took to reach you.

Let’s not forget social media is a two way street. As a customer, when you share photos of the way you enjoy your tea—like from your beautiful, new kettle into your favorite mug—you create your own role in the story. When you provide your feedback on your experience with the product, via comments or reviews, you can impact the product. This newly possible level of interaction means the modern drinker becomes more than an ordinary customer. It is essential to us to learn what is important to our customers.

We know that the modern drinker values sustainability. The good news is tea farming is naturally sustainable unlike the sources of popular sugary drinks that have issues with emissions and water use. Tea is a beverage you can drink with a clear conscience. Plus, brewing your own loose leaf tea uses minimal packaging and waste compared to cans, bottles, and coffee filters.

Tea’s sustainable nature extends to the individual level. Drinking tea is a perfectly healthy lifelong habit. As tempting as a soda or beer may be, the long-term health risks associated with both are well documented. Meanwhile, tea contains antioxidants that fight against cancer, heart disease, and high cholesterol. Enlightening friends and family to the benefits of tea is an element of the modern social experience, but remind them that tea is more than a healthy alternative.

The taste of home-brewed tea is better than ever. Today's tea aficionado has a selection of their favorite teas that they can buy online at any time. It is a reasonable goal to brew the best tea you have ever tasted every single day. That is something the modern drinker can take pride in and share with the world.

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