Brewing Method #2 - The French Press

Ghograjan Teas’ Crash Course Guide For Steeping and Brewing Black Tea

Following our first brewing guide we shared for kettle brewing, the next method we are breaking down is the French press. Watch our video how-to and then read through the step-by-step guide for the details.

French press brewing is not as quick as simple kettle brewing and it requires buying an extra accessory, but the process is less daunting than it may first seem. The French press has a reputation for being a fancy way to brew coffee or tea, but it’s not just for show.
Using a French press has its advantages in both taste and functionality. It works best when you want to brew 2-3 cups of tea. 

What you'll need:
  • Ghograjan loose leaf black tea
  • Electric or stovetop kettle
  • French press—we recommend glass with a plastic handle
  • Tea cup or mug

    Step 1: Scoop loose leaf tea and drop it into the French press.
    The amount of tea leaves you use is a matter of preference, depending on how strong you like your tea and how many cups you wish to brew.
    If you wish to fill the French press to the top—typically 24 ounces of water—3 tablespoons a good place to start. This will brew 3 cups of tea strong enough for you to appreciate the richness of a French press brew. If you just want a quick single cup, you can try using 8 ounces of water and 1 tablespoon.

    Step 2: Pour your desired amount of water into your kettle

    • Bring it to a full boil at 212° F just as you would for kettle brewing
    Step 3: Press down on the plunger until it is just above your loose leaf tea leaves.
    • Allow the tea to steep after plunging
    • Let the tea leaves steep in the water for at least 3 minutes for a standard brew
    • Steep for 4-5 minutes for stronger brew
    Advantages of the French press

    Reusing your tea leaves

    • Maximize your quantity of tea leaves by pouring more hot water into the French press after your initial brew
    • Reusing tea leaves will result in a lighter, more mellow brew—great for the afternoon

    Adding spices to increase flavor

    • Mix spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg with your loose leaf tea before plunging down
    • Because you are typically adding a greater amount of loose leaves than a kettle brew, it is easier to throw in various spices into your brew
    Disadvantages of the French press
    • Extra apparatus to clean – not the easiest kitchenware to clean
    • Cost of roughly $30 for standard French press or up to $60 for a higher end model
    • One added step so takes a moment longer than simple kettle brewing
      Is the French press for you?
      Hopefully reviewing our guide and comparing the pros and cons of French press brewing can make the decision easier for you since it requires at least a $30 investment. If you are having fun and success with your French press while brewing any of the Ghograjan Teas, please show off and tag us on Instagram!
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