Snack Book - What's a PAKORA?

In India, the culture of evening Chai is very prevalent. Families get together around 5 pm (dinner time in the US) and indulge in chai, biscuits, snacks and on special occasions - Pakoras are made!

A Pakora is a vegetable (potato, eggplant, onions or cauliflower flower) that is breaded and then deep fried. Pakora's are usually made when guests are over or on a rainy day. They have become an integral part of the community and what makes it special is the fact that every family has a different recipe for their Pakora, which has been passed on from previous generations.

As you can assume, Pakora's are very unhealthy, but Indian Uncles and Aunties can't Iive without them. Stay tuned for some traditional family pakora recipes to go with your tea!